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Is this obvious??

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Leisure Strolls

I laugh at the title of this post. Leisure? I suppose very little about my life is leisure right now. I do appreciate the calm in between Quidditch tournaments, however. Gives me a little more time to visit with some of the students.

I've been marveling at the craftiness of Morgana Black, the sock knitting of Antionio, the wonderful dragon eggs found by Minerva Kwikspell, and the constant happenings of Catriona Lestrange. Who have you enjoyed visiting this term?

Dueling Club
I'm excited to say that of this date, June 10th, the hat bracket on has one more hat death to await before they all move to the second round. The sock bracket is awaiting 3 deaths.

Fantasy & God

Today's post may be a little controversial :)

I am a Christian. I also love fantasy. To me it is all about pretend. I know that to some elements of fantasy are real, but to me they are not. Hopefully, that will not be a matter that will separate me from those that believe that the magikal world that Hogwarts represents is real. In any case, I have to share an incredible video that I saw today at church. It has nothing to do with HSKS, but it does have to do with things that impress the life that Miss Wartbobble lives every day. So, please take this PORTKEY to my muggle blog to see the video.