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Conversing with the Deaputy Headmistress

Just emailed the Deputy Headmistress and we are getting closer to announcing our list of Head Girls for next term.

We are still trying to wrap up some of the angel gifts and prizes from last term. We really hope that we'll be able to get this wrapped up soon. We certainly don't want last term hanging over our heads while we're trying to get excited about the upcoming term.

Well, it's bed time for me! All this late night planning sure can get to a girl :) Night, all!

The Halls Are Quite

But, the excitement is growing. Only a few more weeks until sign ups begin for the next term of HSKS! As some of you have seen I have already posted the activities that will take place during the next term. I also opened a Twitter account and will be keeping everyone updated often about what I'm thinking and planning. We might even have a chat or two via twitter!

Well, more planning is needed, so I'll post some more later!!