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Last Day of HSKS7

Well, today is the last day of HSKS 7. The end of the term is certainly not my most favorite part of the term. There are lots of email owls flying back and forth, checking and re-checking lists, following up with those who are silent about their kits. The end of the swap does not overshadow the rest of the swap, though. That is why I like HSKS so much. I have also met some awesome people throughout the life of HSKS. Those mentioned below have gone above and beyond this term to make sure that things run smoothly. They have also been a great support to me in various ways and I appreciate them.

HSKS Administrative Staff

  • Wisteria Lovegood/Neila (Ravenclaw) - She is fiercely loyal and dedicated. HSKS would not be where it is today if it were not for her input and willingness to get her hands dirty. Thank you!!
  • Quinn aka Lavender Ackerly/Kim (Slytherin) - She is extremely dedicated and willing to help where needed. She is another one who has contributed to the improvement of each swap in which she has participated in. Thank you!
HSKS Students

  • Bevin Rae Mooney/Heather (Ravenclaw) - The heart of a lionness! She is dedicated and passionate :) She has stepped in with Best Kits and offered numerous suggestions and help to improve the swap.
  • Olive Bumblebirch/Sarah (Ravenclaw) - Another one who is passionate in what she believes in. She has dug in and offered suggestions on improving things and has offered tools of efficiency for HSKS 8.
  • Hermione Bagnold/Donetta (Ravenclaw) - I think of her as Olive's sidekick. She is protective, she is supportive, she is heartsy, and she is awesome.
Thank you so much for bridging the virtual gap to make lifelong friends and for your dedication to making HSKS a great swap!