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And the fun begins . . .

This term has already proven to be loads of fun for all the students attending HSKS 5. Quidditch is under way with the Snitch to be released on Saturday. Previous games of Quidditch have mostly proven to end very soon after the Snitch is released. The first round was always very confusing to the students. Could it be that I don't communicate the rules very well? Well, a little confusion is needed to ensure that the playing field is even and no house is favored over the other.

The Dueling Club's first activity has begun! The excitement grows :) Some of the students have expressed anxiety over having to learn cables for this event. Believe me, when I participated in the YarnSmackDown and realized that cables were involved I turned a few shades lighter myself. I had done cables before, but maybe only on 2 other projects, and certainly not under the pressure of a deadline. Knitting with a deadline in mind challenges a knitter and pushes them to grow in their speed and knitting skills. I think every knitter should participate in a knitting competition at least once in their lives.

Family Histories
I've enjoyed a few of the family histories and have noticed that quite a few students have had a long line of family attend Hogwarts. I hope to read a little bit more about the wonderful and crazy things that were apart of every family growing up. Families of note are the Longbottoms, the Vablaskys, the Plunketts, and the Cadogans. Hopefully, a few will blog about family holidays and such.

Memorial Day Weekend

I spent this weekend with my family. I never really appreciated the weekend as much as I do now. Working two jobs certainly has given me an appreciation for my leisure time.

Coming back to Hogwarts this term has been very exciting! Many new and interesting things have come about that I'm very excited to see take place. Among the list is the Dueling Club. There are 26 students participating in the Duel. I know that there are knitters of every level in the Duel, but knowing my competitive nature, I try to finish a hat within the same day as receiving the pattern. I've lost much sleep due to these types of knitting competition. Lack of sleep is why I've sworn off these types of competitions for a while - probably until the fall at the very least.

New Staff
We've had another turn of events this term that many of the students will find out about when they go back to their classes tomorrow. Professor McGonagall has decided to go and visit some distant relatives because one has become gravely ill. Taking her place is the wonderful Professor Ewan Hennessey. He will be subbing in our Transfiguration class for the remainder of the term. Professor Hennessey hails from the town of Dundee, Scotland, and speaks with a wonderfully deep Scottish burr. He attended Hogwarts as a young boy and excelled in Transfiguration. He is a registered Animagus.

Welcome to the Wartbobble Blog!

This is my very first post as Winnie. I've decided to blog in character about the happenings and ins and outs of HSKS. I'm pretty sold on this template, but can't get the date to work yet, so you may see another change around here soon. For now, though, we'll have to be happy with this first post. My daughter has asked me to take her to the mall!