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Busy Last Few Days

As campers get settled in there are only a few who have been able to participate. Still letters or warning must be sent out. I do so hate sending out those letters, but it must be done or else the other campers don't feel the benefit of having their camp mate around.

So, a few things that may help:

Pre-date a Post
No one even need know that you are gone!! Blogger allows you to pre-date your posts, so you could write a few short posts that will publish while you are away from your cabin on vacation or otherwise. Just choose the "Post Options" link at the bottom of the Create a Post box, change the date, and your all set!

Send a Hallmark E-card
You can predate a Hallmark e-card, so that your spoilee receives a little love while your away.

Communicate When You'll Be Away
I can not say this enough. If you think that you will be away for an extended period of time let someone know! Just a simple email letting us know that you'll be away from your computer for the week is fine. This way we will not expect you to post during that week. Email your Cabin Counselor, your spoilee, and spoiler to let them know.

I hate to drop anyone from the swap, but I also need to make sure that others do not feel neglected.

Great Campfire Chat

We had a great campfire chat today! There were over 10 people chatting at one point in time. Various campers popped in and out. Several of us revealed our truths from last week and many of the answers were quite surprising!

For the record - my lie was #2. I DO NOT want to go to the Bahamas. I can't stand the heat here in California, why would I want to subject myself to humid heat? Anyway, that is my answer :)

If you are available for the afternoon/evening chat, please join us! We'd love to have you. The link is located at the top of the main camp blog and will be posted in the rav forum at the time of the swap. See you then!!

Yay, for Campfires!!!

I absolutely LOVE camping! Unfortunately, the whole camp experience as a kid only went as far as camping in an RV in my yard. I think my parents figured that since we lived in the wilderness that was good enough. Plus we were rather poor growing up - my parents could not afford to send my sisters and I to camp. So, to make up for lost time I camp as often as I can as an adult!!

Every time I go camping I like to find new and interesting recipes to cook. Some of my favorite recipe resource sites are below:

Chuckwagon Diner

Campfire Recipes

I also found a neat site on how to make an awesome pot of coffee while you're camping.

The Coffee Site

And, I think one of my favorite - camping or not - is French Toast. Yum!

Campfire French Toast Recipe

I hope that these links helped you! I know that they have made me hungry!

Whew! Took Me All Week!

But, I finally got a chance to relax in the great outdoors! I LOVE camp. I hope everyone's having a good time so far.

My Spoilee/Spoiler

I love looking through people's queue's to see all the different patterns, so I loved this exercise. We had to look through the queue's of our spoilee and spoiler and name our favorites.

My Spoilee is Cassie Grubbly-Plank/mandyknitster. 120 items in her queue!!! She had a beautiful set of mittens called Green Autumn (Druid mittens) that I loved!

My spoiler's name is Astrid Cloverleaf/msrib. Astrid only has 7 items in her queue, so it was rather easy to choose. She has a paire of Snicket Socks in her queue that are very cute and look fun to knit. Except I'm not really a sock knitter, so they'd probably take me EONS to knit.

Ten Things

Well, some of these things were just outright thrown into my trunk. Thankfully, though, no bottles were broken.

Potions - Oooogles and oogles of potions. The potions actually take up most of the space in my trunk, so putting together this list of 10 things might be rather hard. Hmmm . . . I suppose I could list 6 of my handiest potions, yes?
But, alas I'm supposed to be listing things that begin with the letter "W"
1. A copy of Wandmaker
2. My Wand, of course
3. My Wardrobe,
4. Weird Wizarding Dilemmas and Their Solutions
5. Wellington Boots
6. Where There's a Wand There's a Way
7. A copy of Witch Weekly. Hopefully, they will have some campfire recipes
8. Wolfsbane Potion
9. A little light reading for next term. W.O.M.B.A.T.
10. A copy of Which Broomstick

Well, that's lots of reading material, but what else would you expect from the Headmistress?

3 Truths and 1 Lie

This should be interesting :)

1. I LOVE country music

2. I've always wanted to vacation in the Bahamas.

3. I learned to drive when I was 13 years old.

4. I've been as far east as Oklahoma

So, whatcha' think? Which one is the lie?

Breaking News

Actually, this isn't breaking news, but it's new to me! The muggle company Xbox has shut down all access to Xbox live today because they are testing a new innovative way to interact with the Xbox. My eldest dd just told me that we won't be able to watch a movie through the Xbox using Netflix because the access is denied. So sad, but kind of excited with what Xbox is doing. Check it out:

UPDATE: Hubs told me that the problem they are having with this is that it doesn't register dark skinned people. Not even light colored Black people!! So, if they can't get it to work I wonder what they'll do.

In My Office

In my office this morning attending to camp business. Had to run out this morning and get myself a Nutty White Mocha! LOVE! But, I can only afford about one a week currently. Unfortunately, camp staff only gets paid once a month! Can you believe it? So, I have to ration out the goodies that I allow myself. But, mmmmmmmmm, is it good!

Be sure to check out the main blog because we are deciding on a DADA Professor for the summer session. There are definitely some yummy decisions to make, and I know that Wisty is itching to get starting with the DADA orientation. She's got it down perfectly. I think she already has a set orientation schedule and run through planned because she's done it so many times already. I'm perfectly at ease because I know that whomever is chosen will be in good . . . eh hem - hands!

In other news, I'm excited to have Cassie Grubbly-Plank as my spoilee for the summer. I'm sad, however, because the link that I have to her blog is not working. Oh, Cassie!!! If you read this please let me know ASAP what you blog address is. Can't wait to read it!

Also, it turns out that I did not have nargles in my sleeping bag, but Horklumps!!! They must have jumped in when I went through my garden at home.


Well, I guess we are playing WINGO. I will have to add as I go. This is what I have so far:

Getting Settled In

Whew!!! I feel like I just blew in here on a tornado! I'm so grateful to finally be at camp and have everyone settling in. There is still a lot of work to do for me before I can really join in on the festivities, but I wanted to express my heartfelt welcome to every camper that has chosen HSKS Summer Camp this summer.

Okay, enough of that. I have to make sure there are no nargles in my sleeping bag! More tomorrow!