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Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

I am definitely playing catch up! In the last week and a half I've gotten some wonderful pieces of encouragement from some of the students. Unfortunately, my darn camera is not playing nice and my cell's pics tend to be too dark. So, without further ado . . . .

Lydia Figg - Thank you so much for the wonderful ROAK gift! Lydia sent me a lovely set of skull stitch markers! I am a stitch marker hog, so I definitely love's me these stitch markers :) (((((Lydia)))))

Olive Bumblebirch & Wisteria Lovegood- Next I received a wonderful little card filled with encouraging words from Olive and a beautiful card of encouragement from Wisty. Thank you, you two! I am definitely encouraged and send you big hugs!!! You have definitely made my day!

House of Night

My friends!!! I've been sucked in. Yes, another awesome series has sucked me into it's vortex. If you have not had the pleasure to read House of Night I BEG you to run to your nearest Wal-Mart, Target, or Barnes and Noble and purchase the ENTIRE series. Believe me, if you loved Twilight you will definitely LOVE the House of Night series.

Below is a video spotlight of the main character from the last book in the series.

Quidditch ~ Round Two

1. On which day did the Order of the Phoenix come to get Harry?
c. Saturday

2. During all this chaos with Voldemort and the Death Eaters, people still had lives to live and Ron's oldest brother, Bill decided to marry Fleur Delacour. Who were the uninvited guests at Bill and Fleur's wedding?
b.Death Eaters

3. Voldemort had seven Horcruxes hidden in different places. Six of them were hidden at the Gaunt shack, Hogwarts, a cave, inside Harry, inside his snake, Nagini and Tom Riddles Diary. Did Voldemort hide the last Horcrux inside the Malfoy's vault at Gringotts?
b. No... not the Malfoy vault, the Lestrange vault

4. Why did the Dumbledore's move to Godric's Hollow?
c. The father went to Azkaban
5. Harry and Hermione read a part of "Life and Lies of Albus Dumbledore," written by Rita Skeeter. Then they met Dumbledore's brother Abeforth and he told them the same story, just with a few details changed. Which of the following did Aberforth and Rita Skeeter agree on about Dumbdore's past?
b. That Dumbledore was friends with Grindelwald for a while

6. When Harry and Hermione visit Godric's Hollow, they visit the graveyard to see Harry's parent's graves. Harry walks by a tombstone that we later learn belong to tone of "The Three Brothers." The brother buried there once owned what?
b. The cloak

7. The Trio finds out that Luna had been kidnapped by the Death Eaters , and that they won't give her back until they got Harry Potter. Why did they kidnap Luna?
a. Her father sided with Harry and Dumbledore

8. After Voldemort killed Snape, he left the room and Harry came out from under the cloak. Snape gave Harry some of his memories all the way from when he was a child to just months before. Harry dived into the Pensieve and which of the following did he not see?
c. Snape and Lily having fun in a potions class
9. On the search of the Lost Diadem, Harry finally gets to talk to the Gray Lady. Who was the Gray Lady when she was alive?
c. Helena Ravenclaw (Rowena's daughter)

10. Which of these is not one of Harry or Ron's children?
d. Victoria

Snape & Lily

Ron and Luna
Godric's Hollow

Bloggy Update

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Huffle Homework

Please forgive me!! I was absent last week. Family issues consumed my time last week and they still plague me this week, however, I am able to focus on my duties here at Hogwarts.

Well, on to my Huffle homework. I'm posting my portrait, which is late homework as well as the answers to the questionnaire.

I had a full length image somewhere, but I seem to have misplaced it. Maybe Kreacher has paid us a visit and snuck it away. If I find it I will post it for you to view.


1) Who likes TeaPots and cat toys?
Chrysta the Cursed

2) Who wants Polyjuice so they can have Cullen Eyes?
Cliodna Trelawney wants Cullen Eyes yarn

3) Who wants postcards and a hardcover book?
Elladora Madley wants postcards from her swapmates part of the world and a hardcover copy of HP1.

4) Who wants silky terrier? It is not a type of wool but a dog.

5) Who would like a wicked necklace and bloody stupid jonhsan hat?
Felly Pinkstone

6) Who never had anything made for her?
Violet Starfire

7) Who learned how to knit with Maya and Soren?
Kaae and her cousin Maya learned to knit from Soren.

8) Who is Pretty as a Peacock Pattern?
Lily May Clearwater wants this shawl pattern.

9) Who does Fair Isle mittens and Tea for Toe up socks?
Mafalda Grubbly-plank asked for these things.

10) Who likes Cinnamon flavored coffee?
Antomio dela Weasley is a coffee drinker and cinnamon is the only flavored coffee he likes.

11) Who likes clever storage systems and mysteries?
Mantacora Crimson likes these things.

12) Who wants World Peace and Wool Wash?
Violette Black

13) Whose Ancient Runes notebook holds the secret of Moonstone earrings?
Mona Ravenscroft

14) Whose dog is on a low protein diet?
Selina Starfire asked for low protein dog treats for her dog.

15) Who does not have much of a ‘stash’ and favorite scent is Pine trees?
Sian Doge

16) When you go to her wish list, you find yourself surfing the net?
Suzie Weasley's wish list is all links.

17) Who really, REALLY misses Hawkins Cheezies, Big Turk chocolate bars?
Ursala Longbottom wants someone from Canada to send her these.

18) Who likes pencilthings and rosewood?
Elanor Cadogan wants fruit shaped erasers for her pencils and likes rosewood scents.

19) Russian nesting dolls and cute stationary are on this list.
Winifred Hornswaggle

20) Who likes the Seven Dwarves and the Evil Stepmother?
This is me! I asked for some Knit Picks Imagination yarn and these are the names of the colorways! ;)