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Slytherin House Quiz #2

Many, Many congrats to Enid for finding the Snitch and to Slytherin House for FINALLY being in the lead! It only took 6 swaps, but we're finally making some progress. Way to go Slytherins!!! On to winning the House Cup!

  • Are you a sock knitter?What are your foot measurements? Nope, I'm not a sock knitter. I'm not entirely sure of my measurements, but I'll try and update that information before the end of the week.
  • Do you have a yarn winder and/or a swift? Unfortunately, no.Where/how to you keep you needles/hooks? In a needle roll that I made.
  • Do you collect anything? Yarn! LOL Starbucks or Daily Grind paraphanelia and Old Fashioned bears or Starbucks bears LOL
  • What is your favorite type of music? Are you MP3 ready? Country, and no, I'm not MP3 ready, but I'm CD ready! Listen to music in my car all the time.
  • Do you like sweets? What are your favorites? My favorite candy is Apple Sour Punch.
  • What is your living situation like? Any pets? Children? No pets, but four children and a husband.
  • Do you have an online wish list (Amazon, Etsy, Loopy Ewe, etc.)? Please include links for your swap pal. Amazon - jeneanw
My Wish List

  • Favorite Harry Potter movie character? Harry first and Dumbledore second.

Something Fun ~ NaBloPoMo

I'm sure that some of you may have heard of either NaBloPoMo or NaNoWriMo.
NaNoWriMo stands for National Novel Writing Month and NaBloPoMo stands for National Blog Posting Month.

Well, I participated in the 2006 NaNoWriMo. Never finished, though. I thought it would be fun to start a HSKS group on the NoBloPoMo website for those that might want to participate. So, if you are daring and willing, please join me!!

Quidditch ~ Round One

1. At the beginning of the book, Cornelius Fudge is talking to the Muggle Prime Minister. Which member of the Order of the Phoenix has recently been found dead?

c. Emmeline Vance

2. What animal does Bellatrix Lestrange kill when she and her sister, Narcissa, are going to see Professor Snape?

b. Fox

3. What time does Professor Dumbledore collect Harry from Privet Drive?

b. 11 p.m.

4. What did Professor Sluhorn transform into when he was trying to hide from Harry and Professor Dumbledore?

a. An armchair

5. What grade did Harry get for Herbology?

a. E – Exceeds Expectation

6. Herbert Chorley, the Prime Minister’s Junior Minster, has been entertaining the public by impersonating which animal?

b. A duck

7. What is Professor Sprout’s first name?

d. Pomona

8. What is Dumbledore’s idea of ‘a few words’?

d. nitwit, oddment, blubber and tweak

9. Who is Marcus Belby’s famous uncle?

b. Damocles

10. What is Snape’s mother’s name?

b. Eileen Prince

Dorm Mates

So, I finally found out who my dorm mates are! Excitement!

Time for those late night talks, girls!!!

What is your earliest memory as a child?

Mine was when I was 3 years old. I remember my grandparents on my mother's side taking me to Disneyland. I don't really remember much about the event, but I do remember that they took me. What do you remember?

My Husband

Yes, I finally took the test that everyone is taking and I'm sure some of you might be jealous :)

Your result for The Harry Potter Husband Test...

Mrs. Harry Potter

Have Tea With Me!!

Yep, that's right. I announced last night that we will have a Beginning of the Year Feast tomorrow in the Great Hall. Now what I want to know is, if you are planning on attending what are you bringing?? Last year I made some Pumpkin Pasties that were deliciouso!!! I think I'm going to make them again this year.

Find your favorite recipe and share pictures!

My Swap Partner!!

I'm so excited! This is the first swap that I'll be participating in NOT under the cover of a pseudo personae. I'm also not working every other out of the day besides the time that I'm writing a paper for class, so I'll be able to give more back to this swap. Totally jazzed!! AND we're entering my absolute favorite time of the year.

My swap partner this term is a 1st year named Petunia Cronkshanks. I'm looking forward to getting to know her a little better and to also see her enjoying herself as the swap progresses. She's looking forward to receiving a sock kit, so that shall be fun to put together. Maybe I'll even get a little knitting done this term!

Well, it's time for me to do a few administrative duties! Whew!! Admin duties and homework this term. I'm pulling the double duty! LOL

Slytherin House Quiz #1

1. Do you knit and/or crochet : I knit

2. How long have you been at your craft? Since December 26th, 2005.

3. Do you spin? No.

4. What type of spinning do you do (drop spindle or wheel)? N/A

5. Are there any other crafts that you participate in? Sewing, Scrapbooking, Baking ;)

6. What are your favorite yarns/fibers? Loves me some Lamb's Pride Bulky and Alpaca blends.

7. What are your LEAST favorite yarns/fibers? I will knit with most anything, but prefer soft to scratchy even in acrylics.

8. Are there any types/brands of yarn that you are dying to work with but haven’t gotten a chance? I see them, but can't remember the name!

9. What are your favorite types of projects to knit/crochet? Love bags and hats and baby items.

10. What are you currently working on? A dishcloth, Doctor's Bag and a Hufflepuff bag.

11. Anything you plan to start this autumn? Dr. Who scarf for hubby's Xmas gift.

12. What is your favorite Finished Object? (Please, post a picture if you would like.)

13. Are their any knitting/crochet techniques that you would like to learn? I want to learn to double knit.

HSKS 6 Questionnaire

Potter Name: Miss Winifred Wartbobble

Rav ID: misswartbobble

I am allergic to: Nothing

Pets that I have: None of the four legged kind

My favorite yarn: Lamb's Pride Bulky, Cascade 220 runs a close second because of the variety of colors.

If you are a Ravenclaw, do you prefer the film colors or the book colors? N/A

My favorite flavor: Peppermint and Pumpkin

My favorite holiday: Thanksgiving

I would like to receive a: Yarn Dyeing Kit

List your favorite brand of needles or hooks, including size and length: Any needle made with Bamboo anywhere between 7 and 13.

Is there a brand that you are dying to try?: Harmony!

I've participated in HSKS: 5 times, I skipped HSKS 4

Do you have a birthday during this swap? Yeppers!! If so which day? October 7th


Yay! I finally - after four months - stepped foot in my favorite yarn shop!! Have you ever put your knitting down for a period of time and just have a hard time picking the needles up again?? That was me. I just have to throw myself back into knitting or I'll never get anything done.

Anyway, I must fly once again. Time to pick up the kiddos at school!

Not Feeling Well

Not sure if it's just Aunt Flo, but Winnie does not feel well today. Everything hurts! I worked my graveyard - 10 p.m. to 6 a.m. job and then drove over to Daily Grind for a 6:30 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. shift. Totally forgot the potion for pain, so by the end of my shift I was in some terrible pain. After driving home I went straight to sleep and completely slept through picking up the girls from school at 2 p.m.!!! It was almost 3 p.m. by the time I got them. Poor Cree was quite sad!

Administrative Duties
Anyway, I got the matches done last night, but the list still needed a little tweaking before it could be released.

Only one more day before the swap begins!!! I can feel the exitement already :) I am quite surprised at the turn out, actually. I assumed because of the holidays that some would be sitting this term out, but we are up to our regular attendance. Yay!!

Well, I'm going to do a little homework and then head off to work again. Nigh all!!

Buzzing Little Bees!!

Once again the halls of Hogwarts are alive with chatter and a little mischief!! Hogwarts Sock Kit Swap 6 is about to begin in a few days and there is so much to do already!!

A few things that we will focus on:

  • A less intensive Dumbledore's Army

  • House Awards - more to come later

  • Dueling Club

  • Sending our kits early!!!
I would love to blog more, but must run! Miss Wartbobble has children to take to cheerleading practice.